Wills and Estates

If you require assistance with a simple Will or complex litigation we can help. And fast.

Please email or call Christopher J. Haber or JUng Ah Kwon for more information on estate planning or alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and one of our lawyers will email you back within 24 hours.

Having a Will is essential, no matter what size your estate. Haber & Associates has lawyers that can assist you or your loved ones with estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation. Our services are cost effective with unprecedented turnaround time.

Wills and Estate Planning

We can assist you in drafting simple or complex Wills, re-drafing or revising your Will, Gifts, Guardianships, Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property. Haber & Associates can provide you with comprehensive legal advice on a wide range of issues surrounding estate planning.  This may also include Enduring Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Powers of Attorney for Property, and Personal Directive. We can asisst you in understanding the formal and Legal requirements of a Will, Gifts, and Trusts. If you require any assistance with the planning of your estate, please do not hesitate to call Haber & Associates. We have lawyers that can assist you with every aspect of your estate planning.

Estate Administration

The administration of an estate by an executor can be a daunting task. We can offer you the proper advice and guidance that may assist you in your fiduciary duty as an executor or as an administrator of an estate. We can assist you with preliminary considerations, with the determination of assets, your duty in determining and notifying beneficiaries, issues with applying for a certificate of appointment of an estate trustee, collecting and preserving the assets, payment of debts, income tax considerations, payment of legacies, maintaining the estate, being a prudent investor, delegation of responsibilities, any conflict of interest, compensation of estate trustees, and the final distribution of estate assets.

Since you legally hold property in trust for the ultimate use of beneficiaries, your duty as executor or administrator is an important fiduciary duty. If you have any questions or concerns about the administration of an estate, or if you require legal assistance or guidance concerning the administration of an estate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Estate Litigation

Haber & Associates can assist with any type of estate litigation. Sometimes, for example, the validity of a will may be challenged, there may be legal claims against the estate, or an estate trustee's conduct is found to be innapropriate. In these circumstances you may need to retain an estate litigation lawyer to assist you. If you require assistance with any type of estate litigation or litigation pertaining to estate proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property are legal planning documents that are essential should you become incapacitated. The purpose of these documents are to allow adults to arrange in advance how, when and by whom, decisions about their health care and personal care will be made if they become incapable of making decisions independently. This avoids the need for the Court to appoint someone to help adults make decisions, or someone to make decisions for adults, when they are incapable of making their own independent decisions. Haber & Associates can draft powers or attorney, both for health care and finance for you and your loved one in unprecedented time. Don't get stuck with people you don't want making decisions for you about your personal health care and finance in times of crisis. Plan ahead and put yourself in good hands.

Please contact a lawyer at Haber & Associates for more information. We would be happy to sit with you at your convenience.


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