Separation from your former spouse is always complex, before you even start to factor in the legal aspects of everything. Each case is different, but in every situation, you definitely need an experienced and trusted family law firm on your side.

Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga are all governed by Ontario’s separation laws. You need to choose a family law firm with a well-founded knowledge of these laws and a history of favourable outcomes for their clients. 

You’re going to be working extremely close with your lawyer, as you discuss some very intimate details of your personal life, your family history and your finances. So you need someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Separation agreements map out how many aspects of your life will play out from now on. It will cover things like:

·      Who has custody of the child or children

·      What type of custody it will be

·      The terms and times that visits with the children will adhere to

·      The terms for child and spousal support

·      How the division of property and assets will be handled.

Settling these things now is important—it takes an enormous amount of stress off your mind, while allowing you to move on and plan your future.

This is a process that you will probably only want to go through once. So during separations, you need to make sure your agreement is amicable, and still protects your priorities and interests.

The proceedings can be emotionally charged, with both parties having very different views of what is acceptable and what they deserve. Working with a reputable law firm from the start can ensure you know exactly what you’re entitled to. More importantly, it ensures that you get it.

If you’re facing separation and want to speak with a specialized family law firm, don’t hesitate to contact any of our offices in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga.


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