Child Custody & Access Violations

Child access violations in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga fall under Ontario’s family laws. If your former spouse isn’t living up to their end of a custody or access agreement (or is accusing you of the same), you need to speak with a family lawyer.

Child access violation issues can take many forms. One parent may complain of:

·       The other parent isn’t showing up for visits

·       The other parent is spending more time on visits than the agreement allows

·       The other parent is creating barriers or making it too difficult to spend time with the children.

In any case, you need to work with a reputable family law firm with a history of working with caring parents toward favourable outcomes. 

In Ontario, there are 4 basic types of custody:

·       Sole Custody: The children will usually live with you and you make the bulk of the decisions.

·       Joint Custody: Parents share the right to make important decisions about their care. The children will split time between the two parents.

·       Access: If you do not have custody of your children, you have a right to spend time with them unless the court decides that this is not in their best interests.

·       Supervised Access: If there are concerns for the safety of the children, an agreement can require that someone else must be present during visits with the children.

Any violations (without prior permission or discussion with the other parent) to the terms set out in any of these arrangements are a very serious matter. You have the right to speak to a family lawyer to bring these violations before a court of law and possibly have your arrangement altered or sternly enforced.

If you’re going through child access violation issues and want to speak with a specialized family lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact any of our offices in Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga.


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